Human Cell-Free Expression System Generates Stable-Isotope-Labeled Protein Standards for Mass Spec

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

John Rogers presents his scientific poster about human cell-free expression system for the production of stable-isotope-labeled (heavy) proteins using HeLa cell lysates. Six different stable-isotope-labeled proteins were produced. Isotope incorporation efficiency of greater than 95% was observed for IVT reactions.

Taking the Temperature of ancient Organisms

submitted by: UMiami_RSMAS

UM Rosenstiel School professor Peter Swart talks about the the Rosenstiel School's acquisition of two new stable isotope mass spectrometers that allow for Clumping, which is the process of directly measuring rare isotopes of carbon and oxygen. Clumping allows scientists to directly measure the temperatures of organisms, such as dinosaurs or those located in ancient seas.

Nucleomistry Lecture 13

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

On Neutron Moderators and the de Broglie Reverse Shrinkage Principle. This explains why cold neutrons are more reactive than hot neutrons.

Nucleomistry Lecture 3

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

On nucleomical particles, protons, neutrons, isotopes, and nuclides.