YeastMine: List Operations

submitted by: yeastgenome

List operations (union, intersect, and subtract) allow you to combine results from previous YeastMine queries and thus provide a powerful way to build complex queries.

YeastMine: Using MyMine, Part 1

submitted by: yeastgenome

Describes how to create a MyMine account in YeastMine, allowing you to save Lists and Queries, and to create and save Templates. Part 1 describes saving Lists and Queries, Part 2 describes creating and saving Templates

YeastMine: Using Lists in a Template

submitted by: yeastgenome

This tutorial covers how to perform a template search using a pre-created list of genes in SGD's data retrieval tool YeastMine. Also covered is where to find some of the widgets and template search analyses automatically performed by YeastMine whenever you create a list of genes.

YeastMine: Creating and Using Lists

submitted by: yeastgenome

This tutorial covers how to create lists of genes and some of the list analysis options in SGD's data retrieval tool YeastMine.

YeastMine: Templates

submitted by: yeastgenome

This tutorial covers how to find and use the pre-made queries known as templates in SGD's data retrieval tool YeastMine.

Introduction to Biomedical Ontologies #4: Ontology Term Enrichment Using RatMine

submitted by: jennifer.r.smith
You've done your experiments and you have a list of genes that might be of interest, but…what now? Or you keep seeing the term "ontology term enrichment analysis" in the papers you're reading and, well, you have a vague idea of what that means, but you aren't really sure. Whether you're interested in information about gene functions, diseases, phenotypes or pathways, this video provides an overview of what ontology term enrichment analysis is and how you can use the "widgets" in RatMine...

Tip of the Week: YeastMine

submitted by: OpenHelix

For more information about this resource see our blog post at In this tip we introduce YeastMine (beta) and show you how to make gene lists and link to other model organism information using InterMine's interoperability.

An introduction to the Ratmine database

submitted by: simont

This video provides a brief introduction to the new Ratmine ( data warehouse and data mining tool released as part of the Rat Genome Database. It highlights some of Ratmine's key features and shows how to use Ratmine's Templates and Lists to find disease genes, common pathways and display protein-protein interactions and more.