Science Nation - Brain Machine Interface

submitted by: nsf
Imagine living a life in which you are completely aware of the world around you but you're prevented from engaging in it because you are completely paralyzed. Even speaking is impossible. For an estimated 50,000 Americans this is a harsh reality. It's called locked-in syndrome, a condition in which people with normal cognitive brain activity suffer severe paralysis, often from injuries or an illness such as Lou Gehrig's disease. Boston University neuroscientist Frank Guenther works with the...

How Drosha and Dicer work in RNA interference

submitted by: mdanderson

Animated demonstration on how Dicer and Drosha work in RNA interference.

Polymorphism of Liquid Crystal Anchoring Induced by Phase Transitions of a Photoisomerizable Surfactant at the Nematic/Aqueous Interface

submitted by: icamvid

Daniel Schwartz gives a talk at the LC2CAM conference about his group's studies of surface anchoring, mesoscopic elasticity, and optical anisotropy of liquid crystals.

Auditory Interfaces for Indoor navigation

submitted by: shreyans2

This video explains our current research in the VEMI lab to find best possible interface for indoor navigation to be used by blind and sighted users.

Space and Technology News Alerts Tutorial

submitted by: armccoy

A detailed explanation of what is the Space and Technology RSS feed application and how to use it.