Logic Nature and the Town Council Meeting

submitted by: hsrikm
Discussion is ensued from a parallel constructed between ‘face’, a composite representation of emergent structure and function and an egg representation constructed mathematically and divided into a blunt or retarded end and a pointed or accelerated end. A parallel to the blunt end of the egg is made to the creation of cognitive spaces, the pointed end to conflict and aggression in confrontation with the blunted end. it is concluded that within human library communications a better...

Inheriting Sustainability: Problems of Induction, the Individual and the Architect

submitted by: cpegg

This video briefly summarizes an undergraduate research project that examined potential consequences to sustainability stemming from demographic change in the San Diego Region. This video presents a brief look at some of the findings of this study, including some results from a survey of regional architects' opinions regarding demographic changes and the effects which these changes may have on the design requirements and sustainability of current housing designs.

The Laws of Physics, Paradox, and Orderly Conduct in the Randomness Zone

submitted by: hsrikm
A conceptualization of the universe as a nonrandom entity in light of a universal particular established from certain descriptive properties of space, but randomly behaving at all perspectives, is proposed as a outline for the interpretation of nature. This view enables the construction of a natural ethic in which many of the orderly conducts of science become exposed as inductive, falling short of being logically sound and valid, result in false interpretations and a permissiveness with...