All Obstacles Removed ... the Journey Continues for Brain Cancer Patient

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Aidan Immroth lost his battle to brain cancer in November of this year, but at the end of his brief 13 years on this earth, Aidan accomplished something really huge -- actually as big as an elephant -- a painting using a live elephant as the canvas that is! Part of the Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Program at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital, Aidan had a vision to paint a real elephant and it became reality through the help of Ian Cion, MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital's...

Rita Colwell's keynote address at the 2010 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Rita Colwell, recipient of the 2010 Stockholm Water Prize, delivers the closing keynote at the 5th Annual DOE JGI User Meeting on March 26, 2010.

Membrane Rafts: Part 3: Making Rafts in Living Cell Membranes (20:39)

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In this lecture, I explore new ideas about how lipid components of the plasma membrane may be organized by active processes, rather than by passive mechanisms involving thermodynamic phase separation. I introduce the idea that the structure of the cell membrane at different length scales may arise as a result of the composite nature of the membrane bilayer and the underlying actin-cytoskeleton. Once again, it appears that the secret of the organization of membranes and membrane components in...

Membrane Rafts: Part 2: Looking for Functional Rafts in Cell Membranes (41:55)

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In this part, I focus on our laboratory's ongoing preoccupation with rafts where we study the characteristics a popular "raft-marker", a class of cell surface lipid-tethered proteins, the GPI-anchored proteins. These lipid-tethered molecules are sorted at the cell surface into a specialized endocytic pathway, suggesting their segregation at the cell surface. Here I describe collaborative interdisciplinary work from my laboratory and that of my physicist colleague, Prof. Madan Rao, where we...

Inguinal hernia repair without mesh-New technique

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“Complete cure from groin hernia is now possible with Dr.Desarda's inguinal hernia repair technique.......” Mesh is a foreign body. Therefore, its use in hernia repairs is known to cause all sorts of complications like pain, recurrence, infection etc. We have developed an innovative new technique of inguinal hernia repair without mesh. It uses your own body muscle for repair and gives virtually complete cure from inguinal hernia problem. An undetached strip of the external oblique...

This video shows recovery of David after his inguinal hernia repair done in India

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A STORY OF MR. DAVID FROM USA LOS ANGELES IS WORTH LISTENING: Mr. David said that he did not wish to insert a foreign body like mesh in his body for hernia repair. He had heard from his friends and well wishers and also read and learnt from the internet about complications of a foreign body or mesh and the chances of recurrences after mesh repair. He made an immense research on the internet for any available technique of hernia repair that does not use mesh. He found to his amazement that...

Amazing Earth 2

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A documentary about volcanic eruptions, their causes and effects on Earth and the geological implications of those events in history and in the future - Part 2.

Geoscience in Cyberinfrastructure

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(This is) a discussion of cyberinfrastructure in Geoscience and how it empowers global collaboration among scientists, led by SDSC Geoinformatics Lead, Dogan Seber. Originally posted by SDSC on SDSC's CI Channel at: