CZEN Design Concepts for Observatories

submitted by: cmatiuk

CUAHSI 10/27/2006 Cyberseminar presentation by Sue Brantley, Director - Earth and Environment Systems Institute

Hydrologic Remote Sensing Observatory: A Genesis for Scaling to Continental Scale Hydrology

submitted by: cmatiuk

CUAHSI 10/26/2004 Cyberseminar presentation by Witold Krajewski, University of Iowa

Observatories in the Context of the Digitl Continent: CZOs and HIS

submitted by: cmatiuk

CUAHSI 10/13/2006 Cyberseminar presentation by Rick Hooper, Executive Director of CUAHSI

Visualization in Hydrology using Google Earth

submitted by: broxtopd
This submission is designed to illustrate the effectiveness of using Google Earth visualizations to convey hydrologic information. The presentation is divided into several parts. After an introduction, there is a section describing the usefulness of using Google Earth to display spatial data, a section highlighting the overlay of static map coverages in Google Earth such as USGS topographic overlays and maps representing various topographic characteristics, and a section pertaining to my...

Welcome to the New Normal

Scripps Oceanography research suggests that climate change will require a complete rethinking of water delivery systems in the West. That'll be step one.

Follow the Water

submitted by: CUAHSI-dk

Developed as part of the CUAHSI Watershed Media Project.

Where does water go when it rains?

submitted by: CUAHSI-dk

Developed as part of the CUAHSI Watershed Media Project