Hydrogen Tunneling in Enzymes: A Minimalist Model

submitted by: icamvid

Jacques Both gives a talk at the ICAM 2007 conference about experimental evidence for hydrogen tunneling and the Minimal Model.

Simon Prochnik on Naegleria gruberi at the DOE JGI

submitted by: JGI

Simon Prochnik spoke about the Naegleria gruberi genome project at the DOE JGI on February 3, 2010.

New Insights Into Lignocellulose Conversion by Termite Gut Microbes

submitted by: dougramsey

Termites and their complex hindgut microbiota are able to convert wood lignocellulose into hydrogen and other products used to fuel their metabolisms. Recent gene and genome and metagenome based analyses on the gut community have revealed novel insights into many bacteria-mediated, important symbiotic functions. The system-wide gene analysis of a microbial community specialized towards plant lignocellulose degradation has both basic and applied implications.