Science Nation - Hurricane Sleuth

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Getting the dirt on hurricanes of the future When a hurricane comes around, it's best to get out of the way--unless you have a thing for risky behavior! Or, perhaps, you're in the business of studying them. If that's the case, a good way to get data out of a hurricane is to head straight into one. That could involve a white-knuckled flight into the eye of a storm in a specially designed aircraft called a "Hurricane Hunter." For more Science Nation, go to...

Strange Science: Alien Weather

submitted by: scivee-team

A simulation of what alien weather on neighboring planets would be like if they were on Earth.Imagine what Earth would be like if we had to endure storms like those on neighboring planets

Transforming the Sensing and Numerical Prediction of High Impact Local Weather Through Dynamic Adaptation

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Kelvin Droegemeier discusses the impact of technology on weather predictability and how cyberinfrastructure can facilitate more accurate predictability on a local level and improve the financial impact weather has on the economy. Originally posted by SDSC on SDSCs CI Channel at: