Genetically Programmable Pathogen Sense and Destroy

submitted by: saurabh gupta

The video describes my invention of Engineered cells which can act as a live vaccine. These cells are programmed to intelligently detect a particular gut pathogen and then specifically and completely kill it without affecting the normal gut microbial flora. This automated approach thus prevents from horrible side effects of current antibiotics and growing resistance against them.

Metaproteomics as a key technology for characterizing the human microbiome Nathan C. VerBerkmoes, Oak Ridge National Labs

submitted by: dougramsey
The human microbiome is a complex system of many microbial communities inhabiting a diversity of environmental niches throughout the human body. With at least an order of magnitude more cells and even greater diversity of genetic potential these microbial communities continually interact with the human host cells in complex but controlled manner that lead to normal human health. Our knowledge of the structure and function of these communities and the interactions with the human host is...

Analyzing the Mobile Metagenome

submitted by: dougramsey
Metagenomic approaches are being use to investigate many diverse ecosystems and reveal many novel functions therein. However these methods can frequently pass over the DNA which we find in the mobile metagenome or mobilome. Much of this DNA is not easily cloned into fosmids or BACs for functional analysis and DNA based metagenomics projects do not always provide sufficient information to determine from where the sequence arose, genome or mobilome. Couple these limitations to the fact that...