Cascading Waterfall

submitted by: AE86 turbo

How to create a fountain using home items

The Rocking Super Soaker - Caitlyn Joanna and Kayle

submitted by: Don Mackay

In this video it shows how when dry ice sublimes it causes water to shoot out with great force.

Heavy Balloon-Alex K-Davante-Thomas

submitted by: Davante Wilborn

Heavy Balloon was an experiment that we did in Dr. Dons chemistry Class

Floating Bubbles

submitted by: Don Mackay

Dr. Don had us to a dry ice experiment called Floating Bubbles

Smoke Rings- Radhiya, Alex, Jesus

submitted by: radhiya

smoke rings, hthi. dry ice,

The Leaky Faucet

linked profile(s): Sarai.Manny.Darnel
submitted by: Sarai.Manny.Darnel

It is about how to do the Leaky Faucet correctly

Bubble Art

Learn how to create bubble art with dry ice.

Super Soaker Experiment

submitted by: Matt-Quentin-Maddison

A demonstration on the construction an science of the Super Soaker experiment using dry ice.

Expanding Balloon

submitted by: smartscienceppl

One day in Don's class we were playing with dry ice and discovered this miraculous discovery and wished to share it with the world. We expanded a balloon with carbon dioxide.

The Floating Bubbles Experiment

submitted by: Chloe-Kerim-Lexi

The Floating Bubbles Invade