Introduction to Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Whiteboard Video

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

This whiteboard video provides a brief history of chromatography, and explains the fundamental principles behind HPLC and UHPLC. It also describes the essential components, or modules, of a chromatography system, explaining how a sample travels through a liquid chromatograph.

Rapid LC-MS Screening and Quantitative Analysis of Pesticides in Food Matrix

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Charles Yang presents his scientific poster on automated qualitative analysis with enhanced data quality. Using these selective and sensitive methods can provide data for non-targeted, retrospective data analysis without intensive work using a Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus Benchtop Orbitrap Platform.

Comparative Bioinformatic Analysis of Proteome and Transcriptome Derived from a Single Cell Type

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

Christian Ravnsborg presents his scientific poster on HeLa cell analysis and a new development in web-based software, Thermo Scientific ProteinCenter – an integration with Cytoscape® for visualization of molecular interaction networks. He discusses overcoming the limitations of peptide-centric proteomics and covering a large number of functional pathways.

New Approaches for Analysis of Amino Acids by Liquid Chromatography (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
The focus of this webinar is to help laboratories evaluate different approaches to high-speed amino acid analysis with liquid chromatography with regard to speed of analysis, sample preparation requirements, matrix elimination requirements, sensitivity, and cost per analysis. Examples from nutrition science and fermentation technology are discussed. Speakers: Andreas Dunkel (Technische Universität München), Frank Steiner (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For more information, visit:...

In Search of the Next Wonder Drug: Natural Product, Botanical & Nutraceutical Analysis (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions

This webinar presents two HPLC detection techniques for the measurement of specific analytes in botanicals and dietary supplements including the use of metabolite profiles with pattern recognition using electrochemical array detection. Speakers: Mark C. Roman (Tampa Bay Analytical Research, Inc.) and Ian Acworth (Thermo Fisher Scientific).

Visit for more information.

Speeding up Monoclonal Antibody Screening and Characterization (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
This webinar discusses developments in LC-based analytical tools that help increase performance, throughput, and productivity of MAb characterization to reduce cost and development time. Current regulatory and operational challenges are also discussed. Speakers: Sheila Magil (BioProcess Technology Consultants), Nesredin A Mussa (Lonza Biologics), Gurmil Gendeh (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For more information, visit:

Food Safety: IC and LC Analysis of Food and Beverages for Contaminants (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
PepsiCo has developed ion chromatography (IC) and ultra high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) methods to analyze anion and oxyhalide contaminants in water, which are classified as health risks by the World Health Organization. This webinar provides an overview of how to obtain optimal sensitivity and separations when analyzing for food and beverage contaminants and toxic substances. Speakers: Elizabeth Hobbs (PepsiCo), Marcus Martin (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Deepali Mohindra (Thermo...

Year of Education in Separation Science Tutorial Competition: Introduction

submitted by: jamesweeks

Professor Hans-Gerd Janssen introduces the "Year of Education in Separation Science Tutorial Competition". He also discusses what makes a good tutorial and why they are important.

Cooley and Ciurczak on Online HPLC Analysis

submitted by: PharmaMfg

Process HPLC has come a long way, and Rick Cooley, formerly of Lilly and currently of Dionex, gives Emil Ciurczak a cook’s tour of the new Integral, whose modular functionalities make it suitable for the lab or process plant.