Kyocera KR2 Router with Verizon USB727, KPC680 & PC5750

submitted by: MoreMobile

The Kyocera KR2 Mobile Broadband Router is reviewed along with 3 types of Verizon Cards that work with it. Also info on how to get the Router & Card Combo for $204.99

CradlePoint CTR500 Router with Verizon USB727 & KPC680

submitted by: MoreMobile

Cradlepoint CTR500 Mobile Router is Demonstrated and shown with the Verizon USB727 and KPC680 ExpressCard. See how they work together and how to get them Both for just $139.99 at

Amazing Earth 1

submitted by: scivee-team

A documentary about volcanic eruptions, their causes and effects on Earth and the geological implications of those events in history and in the future - Part 1.