City Heights: A Rehabilitative Plan for Homeownership

submitted by: smhu89
Homeownership not only contributes to the stability of a neighborhood but also, provides residents with a financial stake in the city. Under the City Heights Redevelopment Plan enacted in 1992, the Redevelopment Agency for the City of San Diego recognized that there was a high incidence of overall residential transience rate and low homeowner occupancy in the community of City Heights. Therefore, the redevelopment agency made it their highest priority to increase homeownership by...

Reshaping the U.S. Housing Market: Nonprofits Helping Latinos Bridge the Housing Gap

submitted by: vyflores

My topic deals with affordable housing. The contents of the postercast indicate the purpose, background, and significance of the study. The analysis of demographics, annual reports, and scholarly journals is also mentioned. Additionally, some graphs and pictures are included.