WPATH President's Notes #8 January 2013 - Dr. Lin Fraser

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Communication to WPATH members

October 2012 Special Report: Dr. Randi Ettner

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Special report by WPATH board member Dr. Randi Ettner

PharmGenEd™ Program Implementation

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Director, PharmGenEd™ Training for Health Professional Schools, Dr. Kelly Lee, Pharm.D, BCPP, discusses how to implement the PharmGenEd™ Train-the Trainer Program into the curriculum, in addition to discussing the evaluation components for faculty trainers.

A Firm Foundation For Private Data Analysis

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In the information realm, loss of privacy is usually associated with failure to control access to information, to control the flow of information, or to control the purposes for which information is employed. Differential privacy arose in a context in which ensuring privacy is a challenge even if all these control problems are solved: privacy-preserving statistical analysis of data. The problem of statistical disclosure control— revealing accurate statistics about a set of...
Authors: Cynthia Dwork

PharmGenEd™: Train-the-Trainer for Healthcare Practitioners Q&A Session

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Director, PharmGenEd™ Training for Healthcare Practitioners, Joseph Ma, PharmD focuses on content material for Pharmacogenomics Principles and Concepts (Module I) and Clinical Applications of Pharmacogenomics (Module II), in addition to discussing program logistics and implementation. Part 2 of 2 is the Question and Answer session regarding Train-the-Trainer for Healthcare Practitioners.

mHealth - Infectious Disease in the Mobile Age

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Mobile health or mHealth is part of a movement towards citizen-centered health services delivered through cellular technologies. Mobile phones in particular are becoming a first line of defense against emerging infectious diseases by keeping healthcare practitioners and the public informed about outbreaks. For individuals mHealth technologies can provide real-time monitoring of vital signs and even deliver treatment services in the form of risk assessments, medication regimens and doctor...