"Whole Genome Comparisons of Bacillus subtilis" - Ashlee Earl, Harvard University, @ '09 DOE JGI User Meeting

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Ashlee Earl (Harvard University) speaking at the DOE JGI 2009 User Meeting on March 26 with an introduction by Dan Rohksar.

The Human Oral Microbiome by Floyd Dewhirst, Harvard University

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The human oral cavity is a diverse habitat that contains approximately bacterial 600 predominant species. The oral microbiome is comprised of 44% named species, 12% isolates representing unnamed species, and 44% phylotypes known only from 16S rRNA based cloning studies. Species from 11 phyla have been identified: Firmicutes (211), Bacteroidetes (106), Proteobacteria (99), Actinobacteria (64), Spirochaetes (49), Fusobacteria (29), TM7 (12), Synergistetes (10), Chlamydiae (1), Chloroflexi (1)...

wisskomm tv 27/08

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" The Inner Life of a Cell ": Ein Video des Harvard-Professors Robert Lue bei "Studio Daily" - Das Video in Langfassung mit Kommentar bei Harvard - David Bolinsky bei den TED-Talks - "Mediale Produktion": Eine neue E-Learning-Plattform aus Holzminden - Das " Murmeltierbuch " aus Braunschweig und die Texte im Web - Die " Science Fair " in Berlin und die " Science Bridge " aus Kassel - Das 2. Europäische Wissenschaftsfilm-Festival - Schnellfilmfest: Die...