Dawn Field gives GSC8 opening remarks

submitted by: JGI

Dawn Field of the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology presents the overview of the Genomic Standards Consortium's 8th meeting at the DOE JGI in Walnut Creek, Calif. on Sept. 9, 2009.

Extending MIGS/MIMS to the Description of Ribosomal RNA Sequences

submitted by: dougramsey
With the MIGS/MIMS specifications the Genomic Standards Consortium has finished the groundwork to enrich our genome and metagenome collections with contextual data. Now, it is time to consider whether these standards could be applied ‘as is’ in the short-term, and ‘with modification/extension’ in the longer-term to any genetic marker sequence retrieved from the environment. To move for ward and leverage existing interest in the community the proposal for MIENS, the ‘Minimum...

Towards a Standards Compliant Literature: The GSC eJournal

submitted by: dougramsey
George Garrity, Michigan State University Standards in Genomic Sciences (SIGS) is a new Open Access publication that is being created in cooperation with the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC). It is in tended to fill an unmet need for rapid publication of standards compliant reports on genomes and metagenomes, standard operating procedures relevant to large-scale sequencing initiatives, and various forms of technical reports, policy statements, meeting reports and other con tent that is...

Overview of the GSC and the Minimum Information About a (Meta) Genome Sequence (MIGS/MIMS) Speci?cation

submitted by: dougramsey

Overview of the GSC and the Minimum Information About a (Meta) Genome Sequence (MIGS/MIMS) Specification - Dawn Field, Oxford Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

The Rapidly Growing Standards Landscape in ‘omics by Susanna Sansone, European Bioinformatics Institute

submitted by: dougramsey
As the size and complexity of scientific datasets and the corresponding information stores grow, reporting standards are playing an increasingly active role. Interopera bility among standards, however, becomes pivotal for the development of software applications. Here we present the key synergistic standards activities in the omics domain and the motivation for, an overview of, the BioInvestigation Index infrastructure at the EBI. The marriage of conventional methods with (meta)genomics,...