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NASCAR corners are divided into three parts because the car's grip changes in different parts of a turn. The higher center of gravity in the new car challenges crew chiefs to minimize weight shift around a turn. Equipment like the seven-post rig helps, but the ultimate test is on the track.


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A racecar driver is like Goldilocks: The car always seems to be too loose or too tight. Getting the right balance is hard because the weight of the fuel changes and the tires wear during each green-flag run. Understanding the science is how crew chiefs make the car “just right”.

GRIP - Final presentation

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Grid Image Processing for Biomedical Diagnosis: Application ported on the EELA-2 Grid during the second EELA-2 Grid School

wisskomm tv 37/08

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Der Roboter-Dino Pleo bei der Gruppe für interdiziplinäre Psychologie der Universität Bamberg ( GRIP ) und dasYoutube-Interview bei WsWW - Japanisch singen auf Knopfdruck bei MIT Tech-TV - Die Ausstellung terra mineralia im sächsischen Freiberg - Die Earth Science Week 2008 und das Blog - Vortragsreihe: „ Der blaue Planet in unserer Hand“ in Frankfurt(M) - Der Kabarettist Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen an der Uni Gießen - „ 12 sind Kult...