Greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies - Transportation planning in San Diego

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California has been one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emission in the United States; and the majority of greenhouse gas emission is from the transportation sector. In response to the greenhouse gas emission reduction required in the California Environmental Quality Act, the City of San Diego Environmental Service and Planning Department are currently developing a Sustainable Community Program and Climate Action Plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emission in San Diego Region.

Science Nation - Leaf Sensor

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These tiny, lightweight gadgets could mean huge savings for farmers "Farmers have a very good eye. They can look at their crop if they've been farming for a long time and say, 'My crop needs water, I can tell,'" says Richard Stoner, founder of the biotech and agriculture company, AgriHouse. So who might know more about what a plant needs than a farmer or a greenhouse owner? How about the plant itself? What if plants could tell us when they are thirsty? With funding from the National...

Carbon Capture and Storage: What Are the Big Issues and Opportunities for Future Energy Resources?

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Summary: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can make significant cuts in Greenhouse Gas emissions and will need to be part of the forward planning for developing future global energy resources. CCS technology comprises a number of steps: 1) CO2 is captured at the source (e.g., a power plant or gas production facility); 2) the captured CO2 is compressed to a supercritical state and transported, typically via pipeline, from the source to the geologic storage site; 3) the CO2 is injected via...