submitted by: nsf
A trip to Snowy River, a bright white crystalline formation found deep within Fort Stanton Cave in New Mexico, reveals a lot about life and energy in unexpected places. Host Lisa Van Pay meets Diana Northup and Monica Moya, researchers who study life in caves. As they explore the cave they ask questions, think of possible answers and ways to test them, and discuss how to share their findings with the community. Together, science and engineering have resulted in advancements that have changed...

21st Century Ideal Building

submitted by: hcau
Recent studies suggest the importance of sustainability when designing buildings and architecture. This paper identifies a new and ideal form of buildings for the near future: green buildings with the contribution of art. The result from interviews and surveys show that people think art can make a significant difference from green buildings that have not considered any artistic element, and they want urban planners and architects to pay more efforts to design artistic sustainable...

My All Electric Car called "Gizmo"

submitted by: animan109

For the last 7 years I have been driving an environmentally responsible car called the "Gizmo". In terms of performance with respect to fossil fuels, it gets the equivalent of 150 miles per gallon!