Sustainable Green Alleys: Collaborative Governance

submitted by: julieyun
The Southcrest Beta Green Street Alley pilot project represents a longstanding priority of the City of San Diego to pave the dirt alleyway with permeable material to promote sustainability and to improve accessibility for the adjacent residents. Cities across the United States have been adopting their own green alley programs to better manage storm water and urban runoff while this trend has only caught on recently for San Diego. As greening alleys is a fairly new concept to San Diegans,...
Authors: Julie Yun

Developing Green Street and Green Alley Projects in the United States

submitted by: melissakwan

Discover the challenges of Green Street and Green Alley Projects facing by Civic San Diego and other participating department units;
Compares design guidelines handbooks of Green Infrastructure programs in Chicago, Portland, and Los Angeles to identify suitable design guidelines; Provides suitable recommendations to regulate the current and future Green Street and Green Alley Projects in San Diego

LEED Building Design: Overview of free market and government incentives

submitted by: USPSD

Overview of the incentives for adopting LEED despite higher start up costs.

Alternative technologies and green innovation in theory and practice

submitted by: kpezzoli

Mentored by Ned Daughtery Bussell leads Jennifer Arizala, Verlin Frazier Jr., and Erin Hicks present their work on "Alternative technologies and green innovation in theory and practice" for the grand challenge "Neighborhood Visioning for Quality of Life" for the USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project 3.1.2. For more information please see: