Green Revolution: Biomass

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Explore how different types of biomass can be used to produce fuel. One researcher is building reactors to grow algae used to create biofuel. Another studies how leafcutter ant colonies break down biomass in order to solve a different biofuel problem: conversion of cellulose in plants to a fermentable sugar used to make ethanol. Finally, an engineer shows us how his lab uses chemistry and heat to turn sawmill waste into bio-oil and gasoline.


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A green roof can certainly make a building look nicer, but can it measurable lower energyrequirements and improve water management? Engineer Jelena Srebric and horticulturist Rob Berghage are working on a project to measure and model how a green roof affects the way buildings use energy and water. In the lab, Tyler Meek does weather experiments indoors to determine the effects of light, wind and water on the roof. Paulo Tabares Velasco works to make a mathematical model to predict what will...


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Host Lisa Van Pay visits the scientists and engineers working to make the electric car of the future a reality today. One of the toughest parts is storing enough potential energy to get you where you’re going, and in this case, it’s all about the battery. Graduate student Katharine Stroukoff from the University of Texas-Austin explains how her research may help build a better battery, while Mike Nawrot and Dan Lauber, members of the MIT electric vehicle team, describe the advantages of...

Nanomaterial Catalysts for Solar Hydrogen Generation

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Frank Osterloh presents research on using nanostructures for hydrogen production using solar power.
Presented at the ICAM Annual Conference, January 2010.

Inorganic Nanostructures for Solar Energy Conversion

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Dong Yu presents research on nanocrystal-based photovaltaic cells.
Presented at the ICAM Annual Conference, January 2010. An Online Interactive Science Museum about Emergent Phenomena

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Suzi Tucker presents the new website emergentuniverse,org, which is an effort to bring the wonders of emergent phenomena to non-scientists. This online

Green Fuel = Economic Development

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This video postulates that by creating "green fuel" cultivation and integrated processing facilities that take waste products from each other as feedstock (including algae & jatropha, anaerobic digesters, manure & wastewater processing, gasifiers, fish farms, dairy farms, and electric generating) that each becomes an independent, secure source of local energy (renewable gasoline, renewable diesel and renewable jet fuels) and expands the commercial reach for both products and raw...