Colonoscopy Introduction

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All month long, in honor of Colon Cancer awareness, Dr. Raju, in the department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, is answering colonoscopy questions on facebook via video from his computer here at MD Anderson.

The Importance of Good Colonoscopy Preparation

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Colon and prostate cancer survivor Robert Ellis talks about preparing for a colonoscopy and the importance of following your doctors' recommendations.

Learn more about colon cancer screening

Dr. G.S. Raju says "You don't want to hear, your prep was not good, we have to do it again."

Colon Cancer Patient Talks About The Surgery

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Prior to starting treatment for his prostate cancer Robert Ellis was instructed by his oncologist to get a colonosopy. During the procedure dangerous polyps were found and removed. With large polyps it is often challenging to remove them without damaging the surrounding colon. G.S. Raju M.D. explains the procedure, and how doctors at MD Anderson remove these tumors, repair the colon and complete the procedures to provide for quick recovery.

Endoscopic Repair of Colon Perforations

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G.S. Raju, M.D., talks about colon perforation repair. The history and the procedure.