From sensor selection to data return: lessons learned (Panel Session)

submitted by: kkwaiser
Each panel member was asked to open with a 5-7 minute narrative based on personal experience on the topic of advanced aquatic sensors. Team assembly, funding avenues, technology considerations, and any of the minutia involved in deploying and operating advanced aquatic sensors may be discussed. This talk and others were part of the Advanced Aquatic Sensors (AAS) Workshop funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and held at the University of Michigan Biological Station from September...

Introduction to GLEON and a high-level overview of aquatic sensors

submitted by: kkwaiser
This session, presented by Kevin Rose, will provide an overview of advanced aquatic sensors. The session will provide general information on a wide array of sensors. What types of sensors are available? What are the basic principles behind these sensor technologies? What are the limitations of these sensors and what are some typical sensor applications? Due to the broad use of sensors, sensor knowledge, and sensor applications, we will strive to make this session interactive amongst workshop...

Introduction to High Throughput Computing

submitted by: kkwaiser
The large data volumes and complex models used today in environmental research and management can push even modern computers to their limits. This session will introduce you to the power of distributed computing. We'll learn about what distributed computing systems do, what kind of tasks they're best for, and how that can change the nature and scale of problems you can address. Condor, a freely available and open source distributed computing system, will be demonstrated and all example...

Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON)

submitted by: dougramsey

Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network Attracts More Countries, Students, Sites