Viewing Ensembl Regulation & ENCODE Using the Matrix

submitted by: gspudich
This tutorial demonstrates how to view sequences potentially involved in gene regulation. These sequences are analysed by Ensembl Regulation based mostly on ENCODE data, along with Roadmap Epigenomics data for human. The end of this tutorial shows how to add the full ENCODE data set to a genome display in Ensembl. The Region in Detail in the Ensembl browser will be explored. You may be interested in: Ensembl Regulation docs: ... Region in Detail...

Ensembl Overview (given at ErasmusMC, Sept 2011)

submitted by: gspudich

This is an overview of the data available in the Ensembl Genome Browser with a focus on the gene set and sequence variation. Four demos follow this presentation, using

Sharing Genomic Data: NIH Data Sharing Policies Past, Present & Future

submitted by: ucsd_idash

Speaker: Dr. Laura Lyman Rodriguez
Office of Policy, Communication, and Education

BioHDF - Toward Scalable Bioinformatics Infrastructures

submitted by: mark_welsh

The huge volume of data produced by novel sequencing technologies presents significant challenges around data transmission, storage, bioinformatics analysis, visualization, and archiving. Widespread adoption of Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) will be hindered if bioinformatics software cannot scale to meet these challenges.

Integrated Information System for Genomic and Metagenomic Data Analysis at National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

submitted by: dougramsey
Recent advances in biotechnology and bioinformatics has provided a flood of genomic data and tremendous growth in the number of associated data sets. Sequencing projects now include draft assemblies, complete genomes, comparative genomics, and metagenomics where genetic material is sequenced directly from environmental samples. The NCBI provides integrated systems for data storage, retrieval, and analysis. GenBank, an archival database of DNA sequences, contains consensus sequences assembled...