Genetic engineering and the production of molecules

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Theoretical biophysicist William Bialek discusses genetic engineering and how the placement of instructions for a gene alters an organism.

Making a Baby

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A couple is having difficulty conceiving a child. They visit a fertility clinic...

Plant Viruses and Crops ": Part 2: Genetic Engineering for Virus Resistance in Plants: Different Viruses Demand Different Strategies (01:02:11) "

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The second part of the lecture will relate how this information can be used to produce crops resistant to specific viruses through different biotechnology strategies.

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Plant Viruses and Crops by Roger Beachy, April 2008 - Part 1: Cell and Molecular Biology of Plant Virus Infection: Early Events and Mechanisms of Pathogenesis

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This seminar describes the cell and molecular biology of plant virus infection. The first lecture will discuss how virus replication centers are set up in plants and how viruses use host cell mechanisms to facilitate cell to cell movement and eventual pathogenesis.

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