gene annotation

The ELIXIR Database Provider Survey

submitted by: cdsouthan

How biological databases are used in the European Union.

Systematic Analysis of Human 5’UTR Introns Reveals Their Importance in Expression

submitted by: cancenik

Here, we describe a genome-scale computational analysis of 5’UTR introns in humans.

The Yoyo Has Stopped: Reviewing the Evidence for a Low Basal Human Protein Number

submitted by: cdsouthan

A review of the evidence for the number of basal (unspliced) proteins in the human genome, based on a data snapshot 2003/4. In fact only the second half of the slides are in the video as there was a power cut about 10 minutes in!

A Gene Wiki for Community Annotation of Gene Function

submitted by: asu


Authors: Jon w huss Iii, Camilo Orozco, James Goodale, Chunlei Wu, Serge Batalov, Tim j Vickers, Faramarz Valafar, Andrew i Su

Gene Wiki -- Editing demo

submitted by: asu
This video describes the Gene Wiki, an informal collection of gene articles in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The goal of the Gene Wiki is to apply the concept of community intelligence to gene annotation. This video will provide a practical guide for biologists who want to edit their favorite gene in the Gene Wiki. Note that elsewhere on the Scivee website is a pubcast which describes the analyses and methods in this paper in PLoS Biology in more detail.