Fructose molecular structure

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Fructose, or fruit sugar, is found in tree fruits, honey and berries, though you may know it from its corn-based origins as the common ingredient high-fructose corn syrup. NSF-funded researchers are also looking at plant sugars as a potential fuel source. While the idea of plant-based fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels has been around for a while, engineers are finding new ways of getting bigger bio-based yields more cheaply. Xianghong Qian, a chemical engineer at the University of...

Science Nation - If These Teeth Could Talk

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With funding from the National Science Foundation, Peter Ungar is revealing more details about the lives of our human ancestors, and he's doing it through dentistry - sort of! The University of Arkansas anthropologist uses high tech dental scans to find out more about the diets of hominids, a technique that sometimes leads to new and very different conclusions. While anthropologists traditionally determine the diets of our ancestors by examining the size and shape of teeth and jaws, Ungar's...

Biology of Plants

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An overview of the process of photosynthesis and the biology of plants - function, reproduction and life.