Food Acculturation Drives Dietary Differences among Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Non-Hispanic Whites

submitted by: carobatis
Abstract Our aim was to examine the effects of food acculturation on Mexican Americans’ (MA) diets, taking the Mexican diet as reference. We used nationally representative samples of children (2–11 y) and female adolescents and adults (12–49 y) from the Mexican National Nutrition Survey 1999 and NHANES 1999–2006 to compare the diets of Mexicans (n = 5678), MA born in Mexico (MAMX) (n = 1488), MA born in the United States (MAUS) (n = 3654), and non-Hispanic white Americans (NH-White)...
Authors: Carolina Batis, Lucia Hernandez-barrera, Simon Barquera, Juan a. Rivera, Barry m. Popkin