Moving Forward After Devastating Wildfire

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Dale Weiss, an employee from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, shares how his family is moving forward after the loss of their home to the most destructive wildfire in Texas' history.

Revisiting the Bastrop County Wildfire

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Employees from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center describe their experiences from a massive Texas wildfire that threatened the Science Park-Research Division campus in September 2011. The most destructive wildfire in Texas' history resulted in the evacuation of that Smithville, Texas, campus for five days; 16 MD Anderson employees lost their homes.


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"Frightening" is how Jeff Gordon describes fire, even though he knows he's protected head to toe (and right down to his underwear) by fire-resistant Nomex fabric. Firesuits and the associated gear don't just protect drivers from fire, though--they decrease the rate of heat transfer, giving the driver a little more time to move somewhere cooler.

CROSS-Fire Demo

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EELA-2 application demo:
Authors António Pina and Bruno Oliveira

Understanding Fire Phenomena

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Why things burn, with super video of flame, by University of Maryland fire protection engineering graduate students Haiwen Ding and Jeff Keslin