Fibromyalgia Update: Review of literature and current treatment recommendations

Presentation by Victor Rosenfeld, M.D., Medical Director at Sleepmed of Santa Barbara. Provides the history of fibromyalgia; the diagnosis and classification of FMS; pathophysiology of FMS; literature review of current treatment strategies on Pregabalin, Duloxetine, Minalciprin, Tramadol & Sodium Oxybate; and Current E.U.L.A.R. recommendations.

A Comprehensive Holistic Approach to fibromyalgia

submitted by: Johnny Pietersen - biogetica Fibromyalgia is a complex multi-faceted auto immune disorder with physical energetic mental and emotional components. Biogetica's holistic approach to Fibromyalgia uses sarcodes (energetic/informational imprints of optimal functions) to bring the tissues nerve endings and the immune system back to normalcy. This is possibly the only guaranteed Fibromyalgia therapy available today. Biogetica sysntesizes wisdom from allopathy ayurveda new homeopathy and...