Science Nation - Trading Textbooks for Twitter

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These college students are supposed to use their phones in class! "So (class), let's turn to Twitter." Think of it as Twitter 101, a class in, of all things, social media. Not just tweeting, but Facebook, blogging, wikis and the like. Gerald Kane, assistant professor of information systems at the Carroll School of Management, created and teaches the course at Boston College. For this and more Science Nation, please go to:

Exploring How Social Networks Affect Student Academic Performances and Health

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Presentation by Myoung Lah at the iDASH Internship Symposium

From a Queen Song to a Better Music Search Engine

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At a recent IEEE technology conference, UC San Diego electrical engineers presented a solution to their problem with the song “Bohemian Rhapsody,”—and it’s not that they don’t like this hit from the band Queen. The electrical engineers’ issue with “Bohemian Rhapsody” is that it is too heterogeneous...

Science & Social Media: Stephanie Stockman, NASA

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On Jan. 6, 2009, in Arlington, Virginia, the National Science Foundation, The Ballston Science and Technology Alliance, and BioInformatics, LLC, hosted a Cafe Scientifique on Science and Social Media. In part 3 of this 4 part video, Stephanie Stockman, a geologist, science educator and NASA contractor at Goddard Space Flight Center, discusses why she develops and implements education and outreach programs for NASA’s Earth and Space science missions using new media. She is an avid blogger...

Web 2.0 Panel

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A discussion with Brian Dear from, Seth Greenberg from and Turbotax, and Seth Sternberg from on Web 2.0, online enterpreneurship, user communities, advertising, technology and communication.