Modeling a science project video

submitted by: Anaselby

HS students created a model of a science project video as challenge for other students. From brainstorming ideas to making conclusions based on evidence.

Energy Generation Expansion Planning Problem

submitted by: lciuffo

Application Demo.
Authors Henrique Luz, Fabio Castanheira and Luiz F. L. Legey on behalf of LOA

Space Week: Mars Underground, Part 1

submitted by: scivee-team

Scientists from NASA present cases for and against space missions to Mars and whether it is time for humans to step on the Red Planet.Is man's fate tied to the Red Planet? Scientists debate the future of space exploration.

Space Week: Mars Underground, Part 2

submitted by: scivee-team
A discussion on the advantages of exploring Mars, the Marcian environment, the scientific development brought about by space missions and the significance the planetary research has has on humans and technological development led by Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society, Dr. Christopher McKay, a Planetary Scientist, Dr. Louis Friedman, Director of Planetary Society, and Dr. Edwards Weiler, a NASA Space Science Administrator.The president of the Mars Society makes a passionate case for...