Jarrod Chapman on "Efficient Short-Read Assembly of Eukaryotic Genomes"

submitted by: JGI

Jarrod Chapman of the DOE JGI gives a talk during the JGI/Argonne HPC Workshop on January 25, 2010.

Apicomplexan Parasites, Pathogen Genome Informatics, and the Evolution of Eukaryotic Organelles: Part 3A: Designing and mining pathogen genome databases: From genes to drugs and vaccines (20:04)

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With the emergence of genomic-scale datasets representing all of the genes in the genome, all of the proteins in a cell or tissue, and all of the interactions and signals in an organism, biologists are increasingly faced with the challenge of how to store, integrate, and interrogate this information. How can we effectively mine large-scale datasets to expedite biological discovery, for example in the identification of new targets for anti-parasitic drug and vaccine design? Computational...