WPATH: Hormone Therapy for MHP

submitted by: Vin_Tangpricha

This presentation is for mental health providers who will be working with trans clients. This talk is to provide an overview on hormone therapy and some of the expectations of the MHP and the hormone prescriber.

Estrogen-Progesterone Balance and Cancer Promotion

submitted by: ZRT_Laboratory

Dr. David Zava, ZRT Laboratory President, talks about the balance of progesterone and estrogen, its importance to women's health, and risk of breast cancer.

Estrogen - The Angel of Life or The Angel of Death

submitted by: ZRT_Laboratory

Dr. David Zava, President of ZRT Laboratory, lectures on the importance of estrogen in women's health.

Rabbit Models for Alzheimer's Disease

submitted by: alex01

Diana Woodruff-Pak (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA) used cholesterol-fed rabbits as a model of AD for evaluation of currently available and potential anti-Alzheimer drugs. These animals developed typical Alzheimer pathology, including behavioral changes and deposition of ß-amyloid and even
tau. Galantamine and donepezil partially protected animals from Alzheimer symptomatology.

Treatment of Epilepsy

submitted by: alex01
Michael Rogawski (University of California, Davis) summarizes his research on the antiepileptic activity of neurosteroids (e.g. ganaxolone, allopregnanolone). They are allosteric modulators of GABAA receptors and are active in many models of epilepsy. They are expected, however, to be most effective in catamenial epilepsy, infantile spasms or adult partial seizures. National Institutes of Health (NIH) is currently sponsoring a clinical trial of progesterone (precursor of allopregnanolone)...