Do objects have weight in space? - Take your classroom into space

submitted by: cristina
What's the difference between mass and weight? Do objects have weight in space? Students using ESAs 'Take Your Classroom into Space' kit and this video recorded in the unique environment of the ISS can now find out. The experiment was proposed by Greek, Belgian and Spanish teachers who participated to the ESA competition 'Take Your Classroom into Space'.

New CAD Allows Analytical Scientists to Get the Most from UHPLC

submitted by: PharmaMfg
Many manufacturers are turning to UHPLC for its sensitivity and reliability over conventional technologies. ESA Biosciences has married its Corona Ultra charged aerosol detector with UHPLC to provide a fast, reliable, and comprehensive solution for API and cleaning validation monitoring, mass balance work, and many other applications. Its the universality of the solution—the ability to detect impurities that UV and other technologies do not—that sets the Corona Ultra apart, says John...

Safe Hydrogel Padding: use in safe clothing

submitted by: GZE

Polymer effect (Hydrogel particles inside PU melt matrix):
The polymer coating will absorb and bind the excess of moisture migrating through the FR cotton fabric if the temperature is maintained below the threshold.
In case temperature increases, the coating will release the sweat accumulated, reproducing the human natural sweating process through evaporative cooling.
Projected and developed by Grado Zero Espace

Oricalco - thermal shape memory fabric

submitted by: GZE
The first orthogonal weaving example of Nitinol. The 'Thermal Shape Memory Alloy' is characterized by its extraordinary ability to recover any shape, pre-programmed, upon heating. Until today this light weight alloy with about 50% Titanium inside has been used in advanced sectors like space and recently in medical applications. Moreover this fabric is the first for which the shape memory alloy, named Nitinol, was weaved orthogonally - that is to say that Oricalco is the first fabric with...