Cool things to do with solar

submitted by: selrachj

using solar pv panels, charles takes us on a tour of the things he's powering with solar, including an electric motorcycle that takes him from Starbucks up into the snow on Mount Palomar.

World Changing Ideas: The Global Energy Transformation Institute

submitted by: BuzzBinder
This original video, produced for the "Scientific American World Changing Ideas Video Contest," features Global Energy Transformation Institute (GETI) Founder Mats R. Larsson and information related to how GETI's approach to global energy management is often overlooked yet necessary. The Global Energy Transformation Institute's mission is as follows: "The Global Energy Transformation Institute (GETI) was founded in 2007 to identify challenges and solutions with large-scale energy...

The Urbine - by Happyjoel

submitted by: happyjoel

A Urine based turbine invention to provide men with a place to aim their urine in the bathroom while creating a new, green source of energy.

Nucleomistry Lecture 13

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

On Neutron Moderators and the de Broglie Reverse Shrinkage Principle. This explains why cold neutrons are more reactive than hot neutrons.

Uniqueness, Self Belonging and Intercourse in Nature-New Version

submitted by: hsrikm
Biological organization is discussed within a holistic framework . A new orientation is presented of natural processes with an approach in model construction that is focused strictly on physical form and centered away from abstractions that escape the perceptual senses, lead towards the postulation of non-verifiable and non-witnessible entities. A universal construction composed of first perspective representations of path, witness as unique loci in volumes of space delineated as...

Nuclear Fusion: Part of Our World

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

A song describing the importance of nuclear fusion.

A New Biology for the 21st Century

submitted by: earthandlifescience
Following the release of a National Academies report on the future of biological science, three of the study’s authors discuss its key findings. A New Biology for the 21st Century identifies how biology can help meet challenges like feeding a growing population, providing adequate health care, generating energy to meet increasing demands, and coping with global climate change. In this video, Dr Phillip Sharp, Dr. Anthony Janetos, and Dr. Keith Yamamoto explain the study’s goals and...

Combining Agriculture with Microbial Genomics To Make Fuels

submitted by: MicrobeWorld
Summary *Key challenges include dealing with diverse cellulosic sugars and finding ways to recycle carbon dioxide back into useful biomass. *Sugar cane and Hibiscus varieties from the Malvaceae plant family are sources of cellulosic biomass that do not require highly productive agricultural lands. *Microorganisms associated with termites and shipworms might harbor useful enzymes for processing biomass, while yeasts associated with Malvaceae plants are also worth investigating....
Authors: Nadathur Govind, Arup Sen

MATLAB Solar Cost Function Position Constant Slope Evolution

submitted by: randonw

This video contains and animation created through hourly graphs created with MATLAB's surf function.

MATLAB Solar Cost Function Position Constant Azimuth Evolution

submitted by: randonw

This video contains and animation created through hourly graphs created with MATLAB's surf function.