Acetylated microtubules let the ER slide

submitted by: JCB
The endoplasmic reticulum is highly dynamic, although little is known about why and how its membrane tubules move. Friedman et al. reveal that ER membranes slide along stable, acetylated microtubules, which might help them contact other organelles such as mitochondria. This biosights episode presents the paper by Friedman et al. from the August 9, 2010 issue of The Journal of Cell Biology, and includes an interview with senior author Gia Voeltz. Produced by Caitlin Sedwick and Ben Short....

AP-1 and KIF13A coordinate endosomal sorting and positioning during melanosome biogenesis

submitted by: JCB
Specialized cell types exploit endosomal trafficking to deliver protein cargoes to cell type–specific lysosome-related organelles (LROs), but how endosomes are specified for this function is not known. In this study, we show that the clathrin adaptor AP-1 and the kinesin motor KIF13A together create peripheral recycling endosomal subdomains in melanocytes required for cargo delivery to maturing melanosomes. In cells depleted of AP-1 or KIF13A, a subpopulation of recycling endosomes...
Authors: Cédric Delevoye, Ilse Hurbain, Danièle Tenza, Jean-baptist Sibarita, Stéphanie Uzan-gafsou, Hiroshi Ohno, Willie Geerts, Arie Verkleij, Jean Salamero, Graça Raposo