Aptamer Data from Base Pair Biotechnologies

submitted by: BasePairBio

Aptamers have until recently been tightly held by IP restrictions, Base Pair Biotechnologies Founder Bill Jackson presents information and data they have generated on aptmers in diverse assays such as biosensor and lateral flow. Presentation is from the American Society for Cell Biology meeting Dec 16, 2012

Molecular & biological characterization of Cucurbit Aphid-Born Yellows Virus (CABYV) causing the Namamarako Syndrome in ampalaya

submitted by: UP Los Baños

A report on the project aimed to (1) collect and isolate different CABYV isolates from major ampalaya production areas; (2) characterize the different isolates using biological and molecular methods; and (3) determine the genetic variation of CABYV, the causal pathogen of NMK disease of ampalaya in the Philippines.

Dr. Lolita M. Dolores
University Researcher
Crop Science Cluster
College of Agriculture
University of the Philippines Los Baños