Probability of an Algorithm to Identify Rheumatoid Arthritis in Electronic Health Records

submitted by: Jamia
Abstract Objectives: Electronic health record (EHR) can allow for the generation of large cohort of individuals with given diseases for clinical and genomic research. A rate-limiting step is the development of electronic phenotype selection algorithms to find such cohorts. This study evaluated the portability of a published phenotype algorithm to identify rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients from HER records at three institutions with different EHR systems. Material and Methods: Physicians...

Derivation and Validation of Electronic Strategies to Identify Risk Factors for Postop Acute Lung Injury

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Dr. Daryl Kor, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, discusses his article appearing in the May 2011 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings on electronic search strategies to identify pertinent risk factors for postoperative acute lung injury. Available at: