The d'Alembertian and Maxwell's equations

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The d'Alembertian is a linear second order differential operator, typically in four independant variables. The time-independant version (in three independent (space) variables is called the Laplacian operator. When it's action on a function or vector vanishes, the resulting equation is called the wave equation (or Laplace's equation). When it's action is identified with a non-zero function (or vector function) the resulting equation is called Poisson's equation. This equation is fundamental...

The FINAL piece of the puzzle. A must see video !

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Our error of the "Expansion Acceleration of Mass" is the reality of the "Contraction Accleration of Light". A monumental breakthrough.


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For the last 30 years of his life Albert Einstein was diligently searching for how GRAVITY is connected to his Energy equation. Gravity is the Expapansion Acceleration of Mass. Gravity x Time is the Velocity of Light. An incredible Physics breakthrough thoroughly explained on EinsteinGravity.com History is now being RE-written ! !

Unification of Gravity and Electricity discovered by AL ZEEPER (2008)

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The search is over. Gravity is now a part of the True Energy equation. Astounding breakthrough. EinsteinGravity.com

The very Equations that Albert Einstein spent his last 30 years diligently searching for. EinsteinGravity.com

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These are in fact the very Equations that Albert Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life searching for. EinsteinGravity.com

TIME is directly proportional to GRAVITY. Time and Gravity are one. EinsteinGravity.com

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Gravity is NOT a pulling force. Gravity is a "pushing" force of Mass Expansion. Time = Mass moving past Light. The earth orbiting the sun. Mass Expansion is Mass moving past stationary Light particles. Gravity is Mass Expansion. Gravity is directly proportional to Time. EinsteinGravity.com