Introduction to EUReKA by Charles Tu and Frieder Seible

submitted by: CharlesTu
The event, called EUReKA (Engineering Undergraduate REsearch Konference & Assembly) is a part of National Engineering Week at UCSD. Students showed off their posters and gave short presentations for other students and the general public. “EUReKA provides Jacobs School undergraduates with the opportunity to present their research to a wider audience and hone their verbal presentation skills,” said Charles Tu, an associate dean of the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering and a professor...

Robust source-seeking hybrid controllers for nonholonomic vehicles (experiment)

submitted by: mayhew

This video shows an experiment involving a mobile robot, an IR-camera vision system, and a wireless network. The robot queries the vision system for position information. The robot uses this position information to simulate a potential function in its environment. The hybrid controller uses these measurements in a coordination of vehicle steering and an optimization algorithm to drive the vehicle to the minimum of the function (shown as a blue 'x').