Collaborative studies on tropical Asian dendrochronology: Addressing challenges in climatology and forest ecology

submitted by: UP Los Baños
A report on the Asia Pacific Network Global Change Research-funded project aimed to (1) establish tree ring laboratories in the region, (2) conduct reconnaissance of indigenous tropical Asian tree species with clear distinct growth rings, (3) conduct preliminary work to find if tree species with distinct growth rings have relevance to reconstructing past events, and (4) to establish and maintain a xylaria. DR. NESTOR T. BAGUINON Department of Forest Biological Sciences College of...

Phytoplankton and Climate Change

submitted by: sinia planeta

Dr. Jeffrey Krause explains the potential effect of global climate change on the ocean's phytoplankton and marine ecosystems. (CLIMECO Summer School, Brest France 2008; CLIMECO Summer School was sponsored by IMBER, EUR-OCEANS and WCRP).