Introduction to Seidman Lecture Series: Writing, Editing, and Reviewing a Scientific Paper for Publication

submitted by: CSeidman

Introduction to Seidman Lecture Series, a 10-session course on writing, editing, and reviewing a scientific paper for publication

Cure For Addiction

submitted by: Recoveryroad

Is it possible to cure drug addiction through medicine. This short film experiments with that reality.

DNA Star

submitted by: dougramsey
DNASTAR was founded by University of Wisconsin Professor of Genetics Frederick Blattner and his student colleague John Schroeder in the early 1980s. DNASTAR was among the early pioneers in bioinformatics. As personal computing was coming on the scene, Fred and John saw an opportunity to provide turnkey solutions to geneticists and other molecular biologists when working with DNA and protein sequences. DNASTAR's mission then was the same as it is today: to provide life scientists with the...