Smoke Rings- Radhiya, Alex, Jesus

submitted by: radhiya

smoke rings, hthi. dry ice,

Bubble Art

Learn how to create bubble art with dry ice.

Dry Ice Bubble Art

submitted by: MoDeC

Don's Class has been experimenting with dry ice. Our group is making art with dry ice, soap and food coloring. Please enjoy our video.

The Awesomeness in Science

submitted by: dwallace

This video shows various ways that science can entertain you.

Dry Ice Tornados

submitted by: sd921

Make a tornado out of dry ice.

CO2 with Bubbles

submitted by: sd921

Bubbles with CO2

CO2 with Bubbles

submitted by: sd921

CO2 bubbles

Smoke Rings Experiment

submitted by: sd921

How to make smoke rings from dry ice.

Comets from Dry Ice

submitted by: jaylan

How to make a "comet" from dry ice.

Freezing objects

submitted by: jaylan

our video is about freezing a tenis ball a pair and a golf ball with dry ice.
hope you enjoy it. it was a little to easy but it was still fun to experience with the dry ice.