Science Nation - Follow the Water

submitted by: nsf
Already parts of the world suffer from lack of water, and with increasing demand it's expected to get worse. To better understand and predict drought, 30 universities are collaborating in a multi-disciplinary effort called the Shale Hills Project. Among the studies, is field research following the life cycle of water along the Susquehanna River Basin, the main tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. With support from the National Science Foundation, civil engineer Chris Duffy and his team at Penn...

Metadata Driven Analysis: Global Warming and EcoTrends

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is
We show the value of documenting your ecological and biological data files with rich-content, quality metadata that conforms to a common specification, such as the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). Here we demonstrate a couple of synthesis analysis projects that corroborate and expand scientific findings. The analysis was carried out fast due to the availability of standardized metadata records (in EML). We also show how to use the EcoTrends store front, for long-term ecological...


submitted by: IITA

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture In Borno State