Measure Molecular Interactions in Living Cells

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Enrico Cratton gives a talk at the RPP08 conference about a "toolbox" to address questions regarding the formation of protein complex, their spatial distribution, and their stoichiometry.

Localizing agricultural distribution networks in San Diego County

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Contemporary farming techniques come with considerable external social costs to the environment, food security, healthcare, and other public entities. Sustainable agricultural practices (SAP) offer solutions to many of these problems, however many aspects of SAP are hard to apply in a fashion which is environmentally and economically beneficial. Agricultural distribution localization shares many of the benefits of other SAP and is easier to put into practice because it can be implemented...

Management issues in e-learning elearning online on-line distance education

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McWeadon Education founder Professor Badrul Khan delivered a keynote address at the Computer Courseware Development Conference (5-16 February 2007) Kathmandu, Nepal organized by the Asian Development Bank.

SDSU Geological Sciences Webinar - Stephen T. Hasiotis

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Ichnology for the 21st Century: Understanding the differences between continental and marine trace fossils, with implications to the diversity, distribution, and evolution of soil biota ; Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University, Seminar Series ; The study of ichnology has come a long way since its inception and it continues to evolve. In particular, progress is being made in understanding the implications of trace fossils in the continental realm and how they can be...