Geospatial Web Services

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An introduction to geospatial web services including the various types of geospatial web services, how they work, and their importance to interoperability.

Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer: Part 2: Discovery and Characterization of a Focal Adhesion Protein Implicated in Tumor Progression (50:54)

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In the second segment, I describe the identification of the focal adhesion protein, zyxin, by my lab. Recent work revealed that zyxin is down-regulated upon expression of the Ewing sarcoma oncoprotein, EWS-FLI. Loss of zyxin expression results in enhanced cell motility and is also associated with failed apoptotic signaling. Evidence that zyxin shuttles between focal adhesions and the nucleus is presented. The impact of reduced zyxin expression on tumor progression is discussed.


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Daniele Piomelli, PhD. - Another approach was discussed by D. Piomelli (University of California, Irvine). URB 597, an inhibitor of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), is expected to increase anandamide signaling and is being currently clinically tested in the therapy of pain. An increase in anandamide signaling may also be useful in the therapy of depression. This is a novel approach to the development of antidepressants. The signaling can be enhanced by blocking anadamide metabolism or by...

wisskomm tv 27/08

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" The Inner Life of a Cell ": Ein Video des Harvard-Professors Robert Lue bei "Studio Daily" - Das Video in Langfassung mit Kommentar bei Harvard - David Bolinsky bei den TED-Talks - "Mediale Produktion": Eine neue E-Learning-Plattform aus Holzminden - Das " Murmeltierbuch " aus Braunschweig und die Texte im Web - Die " Science Fair " in Berlin und die " Science Bridge " aus Kassel - Das 2. Europäische Wissenschaftsfilm-Festival - Schnellfilmfest: Die...


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A documentary on tectonics, continental drift, and ocean floor exploration.