Inhibitor of Good Planning? The Influence of CEQA Litigation on the San Diego Region

submitted by: MattGoodman
Outlines a research strategy to examine the positive impact of CEQA litigation by San Diego region advocacy groups in providing the region with more robust, environmentally friendly projects. This proposal focuses on four essential areas in which CEQA litigation is of the utmost importance to protect the region’s environment. Environmental sustainability is crucial to future generations of humans and the region’s wildlife. This raises fundamental problems: Land use development is...

Carlsbad Desalination: Understanding public and political perceptions in converting ocean water into fresh water

submitted by: melissareyes
After ten years of planning, the Carlsbad Desalination project began its construction in 2009 in an effort to increase fresh water access and availability. Unfortunately, the desalination of ocean waters has spurred a debate within the categories of environmental impacts, costs, benefits, and efficiency. This paper identifies the social and political processes that enabled the Carlsbad Desalination project to be adopted and implemented. This study investigates and examines the debate if...

Our First Sip of Seawater

Scripps researchers race to make desalination eco-friendly while there's still time