The Surprising World of Prion Biology--A New Mechanism of Inheritance: Part 2: Antigen Presentation and Dendritic Cells (53:35)

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The immune system is charged with protecting us from invading microorganisms, a task that falls to a complex array of highly specialized cell types spread throughout the body but that must work together as an integrated system. How they accomplish perform their functions can be wonderfully understood by probing the basic mechanisms governing their activities. In the first video, we will consider the overall organization of the immune response in cellular terms, the innate immune system...

HMGB1 mediates endogenous TLR2 activation and brain tumor regression.

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HMGB1 mediates endogenous TLR2 activation and brain tumor regression.

Quantifying Random Genomic Mutations in CLL

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Rolling circle amplification is used to create nanoparticles which consist of long single stranded DNA of an immunogenic sequence, specifically, a CpG sequence. The ssDNA coils into a spherical nanoparticle structure which will stimulate the patients own immune system to rid itself of cancer.

Dendrites of rod bipolar cells sprout in normal aging retina

submitted by: Liets
The aging nervous system is known to manifest a variety of degenerative and regressive events. Here we report the unexpected growth of dendrites in the retinas of normal old mice. The dendrites of many rod bipolar cells in aging mice were observed to extend well beyond their normal strata within the outer plexiform layer to innervate the outer nuclear layer where they appeared to form contacts with the spherules of rod photoreceptors. Such dendritic sprouting increased with age and was...
Authors: Lauren c. Liets, Kasra Eliasieh, Deborah a. van der List, Leo m. Chalupa