Nucleomistry Lecture 13

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

On Neutron Moderators and the de Broglie Reverse Shrinkage Principle. This explains why cold neutrons are more reactive than hot neutrons.

Nucleomistry Lecture 12

submitted by: SpaceCadet262

On the de Broglie Equation, and how size of particles decreases with increasing mass and increasing velocity/energy.

WSM - Wave Structure of Matter - Overview

submitted by: RayTomes
WSM is used to mean the concept of matter really being fully explicable as spherical standing wave structures. By studying the possible actual structure forms we can understand how de Broglie's results make perfect sense and be in the company of de Broglie and Shroedinger who held to this view rather than one based only on probabilities. Some links relating to this video: